Our story begins, in the Kingdom of Bregona on the western most edge of the world of Tsarn.

Bregona is a land haunted by the shadow of a terrible evil. Over a century ago, the Kingdom was at the heart of an empire of evil that claimed most of the known world. The empire was ruled by a being of terrible dark magic and an unquenchable thirst for power; Desmondanis, The Undying. Once the previous emperor’s court magi, the mad wizard made pacts with dark horrors to extend his life, transforming his body into undeath to live well beyond his time. He then murdered the current emperor of the day, and usurped control. But, after ruling with oppression and fear over the lands for nearly fifty-years, and without warning to his subjects, the emperor lich suddenly, just, vanished. Desmodanis’s rule was one of fear, the kings he had placed in control of his counties little more than monsters and madmen. His sudden departure left lands in a state of chaos. It didn't take long for the common people to grow weary of the tyrants of government left in place by the emperor, and one by one the counties began to topple without fear of the lich to hold the mob at bay. In many counties, the rulers own guards turned on them and within five years of Desmodanis’s disappearance, the empire as it was known, collapsed. The monstrous rulers of the splintered counties and kingdoms one by one, were lynched, hung from the gallows, beheaded and worse. The last fifty years have been a time of rebirth, a time of kings, a time of great evil and greater good. But even to this day, many of the lands once under the rule of The Undying Emperor struggle to recover from such an evil influence. In some kingdoms, magic has been completely outlawed, for fear of another lich rising to power.

Bregona is one of the last bastions for wizards, warlocks and sorcerers. It’s ruler, King Yorlind Silverheart believes that magic can be a tool for good, as well as evil. Although even in corners of the Kingdom, there are places where a spellcaster is wise to hide their abilities.

We begin in the heart of Bregona, in the capital city of Kalember, the Royal City…

Arctic Knights - Heart of Decay

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